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All Class Wines began trading in Station Street Fairfield in 2002.

I started All Class Wines as a boutique wine store after having moved to Melbourne from Ararat, a small country town in Western Victoria nestled on the edge of the Grampians wine region.

My earliest recollection of drinking wine was sneaking glassfuls of Tropicana, which my parents would leave in the fridge after parties...ahhh the 80’s. When my father went to work at Seppelt in Great Western he quickly took advantage of the perks of working in the wine industry, bringing home bottles of their famous sparkling Shiraz and old ports on his wine allowance.

At 17, nepotism ensured me a job at Seppelt in the vineyard and my love for wine was born.
After a couple of brutal winters pruning vines I moved inside to Cellar Door Sales where I was lucky enough to attend tastings of Seppelt’s vast back vintage range, alongside legendary Australian winemaker Ian McKenzie. I then went on to travel extensively through Australia, Europe and the America’s, exploring our great world of wine and maturing my palate to recognise a bloody good wine when I’m presented with one.

At All Class Wines I have succeeded in sourcing quality wine from across the world, all of which I have personally tasted and selected. I source wine directly from over 70 wineries that would ordinarily be sold under the individual winery’s super premium labels. I label them under my own generic label, therefore cutting out the costs of marketing and distribution.

All Class Wines represent exceptional value of premium quality wines, perfect for any occasion.

Christopher Green.
Previous Owner.