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What’s the difference from an All Class Wine to a wine bought at an everyday outlet?
In a word, Price.
All Class Wines stock exactly the same wines you would ordinarily buy from other outlets.
We buy direct, tasting wine from over 70 wineries across the world, cutting out all distribution costs.
The ones we love are then labelled under our All Class Wines label.
We in buy bulk, passing on the savings to our customers.


Where do we source our wines?
We source or wines from over 70 wineries across the world.
Our range is predominately Australian but wine from France, New Zealand & Argentina are also regularly featured.


Do we try our wines before we stock them?
Of course! Our job is to take the guessing game out of selecting a wine.
On average, we buy one in twenty that we taste.
When you buy an All Class Wine you know it represents excellent value.


How long have we been operating?
All Class Wines started sourcing its wines in 2002.


Why buy All Class Wines?
All Class Wines gives their customers an opportunity to try wines that would ordinarily be in the ‘Super Premium’ price bracket for an everyday low price.


What are the store trading hours?
All Class Wines is open from 11 – 7 Tuesday & Wednesday, and 11 – 8 Thursday to Saturday.


Is it possible to drop by and taste?
Of course! Next time you’re in Fairfield be sure to drop by and let us guide you through our range.